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Para-Xylene Pure 99.0%

Para-Xylene Pure 99.0% also known as p-Xylol is an isomer of xylene commonly used as an octane enhancer in gasoline or as a solvent.


395lb DR395LB



Product Overview

Para-Xylene Pure 99.0% is an aromatic hydrocarbon and is one of the three members of the benzene derivatives (ortho-, meta- and para-). Para-Xylene has the highest melting point among the series of monomers and can be oxidized to form terephtalic acid.

Product Specifications

p-Xylene: 99.0-99.8% WT
Density: 0.86 g/mL
Melting Point: 13°C
Boiling Point: 138°C
Viscosity: .34CP at 30°C
Flash Point: 25°C
Primary Chemistry: 1,4-Dimethylbenzene

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