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Key Applications

Aromatic Extraction; Reaction Solvent; Purification of natural gas streams; Fractionization of fatty acids into saturated and unsaturated components; Pharmaceutical applications (API's)

Product Description

Sulfolane is a specialty organosulfur solvent commonly used in aromatic extractions, printing inks, extractive distillation,  and textile dye for increased storage stability and color brightness.  Sulfolane is also the preferred solvent for the extraction of benzene, toluene, and xylene from oil refinery streams.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Sulfolane-A Anhydrous Sulfolane A Anhydrous is a hydrocarbon compound with 99.9% Sulfolane and is commonly used as an ink carrier or solvent for digital image processing SDS* TDS
Sulfolane A, Low Color Sulfolane A Low is a hydrocarbon similar to the the Sulfolane A Anhydrous but with a much lower APHA color of 10 which is ideal especially for dyeing applications SDS* TDS
Sulfolane W Sulfolane W is typically used in an extraction process to separate Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene aromatic hydrocarbons from refinery reformate SDS TDS
Sulfolane-A EMEA Sulfolane A is a white odorless, crystalline cyclic organic chemical commonly used as a solvent for extractive distillation and chemical reactions. CAS N: 126-33-0 SDS* TDS*
Sulfolane-A, Anhydrous EMEA Sulfolane A Anhydrous is an organosulfur compound with less than 0.25% water content normally used as a solvent for extractive distillation and chemical reactions. CAS N: 126-33-0 SDS TDS*
Sulfolane-W EMEA Sulfolane W is normally applied to separate Benzene, Toulene and xylene aromatic hydrocarbons from refinery reformate. CAS N: 126-33-0 SDS* TDS*

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