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Sulfolane A, Low Color

Sulfolane A Low is a hydrocarbon similar to the the Sulfolane A Anhydrous but with a much lower APHA color of 10 which is ideal especially for dyeing applications




Product Overview

Sulfolane A Low is also typically  used to improve dispersion, for jet printing formulation,  or even as a solvent for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Specifications

Ash : 0.100 max
Distillation - 5% : 282 min
SO2 Stability : 20 max
Sulfolane, Anhydrous : 99.0 min
Water : 0.25 max
APHA Color : 200 max
Distillation - 95% : 288 max
Distillation - 50%, CEL : 283.8
Flash Point, PM : 330
Freezing Point °F: 79
Specific Gravity at 30 F : 1.264
Primary Chemistry: Tetramethylene Sulfone

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