Specialty Base and Mixes

Specialty Base and Mixes

Key Applications

Bread; Donuts; Tortillas; Cookies; Cakes

Product Description

Specialty base mixes provide a complete blend of ingredients to provide a uniform and consistent final product. These products provide improved mixing characteristics and machinability of the dough.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Aytex P Wheat Starch SDS* TDS
AZ Tortilla Base AZ Tortilla Base is complete with all necessary ingredients to make flour tortillas. It also eliminates scaling errors and reduces inventory requirements. SDS* TDS
Extram H, Kosher Extram H, Kosher is an economical replacement for non-fat dry milk in bread, cake, sweet goods, cookies, and donuts. SDS* TDS
Hawaiian S B Base 226 SDS* TDS
Miracle Pie Dough BA SDS* TDS*
Muffin Aid 684 SDS TDS*
Multi Grain 380, w/o Soy Flour Comprised of eight natural grains, this base can be used in a variety of baking products, including bread, crackers and granola bars. SDS* TDS
Reduced Carb Mix SDS TDS
Reduced Carb Mix No Soy SDS TDS