Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is a concentrated de-foaming surfactant blend. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 will de-foam in a wide range of solutions temperatures, rinse-free, and is widely used as an additive in CIP cleaning solutions in dairy, food processing, and shell egg washing.
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Product Overview
Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is a highly effective de-foaming surfactant blend for use in CIP and as a general cleaning additive in dairy and food processing facilities. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 can be used over a wide temperate range of 80° to 210° F. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 should always be used in conjunction with a potable water rinse and sanitizer if required for the end application.
Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is widely used in bottle washing as a defoaming agent. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is ideal for bottle washing as it reduces caustic carryover and is rinse-free.

Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is also used in shell egg-wash applications to reduce foaming to aid in rinsing, and aid soil load removal. Alka-Clean Additive 1500 is to be used in conjunction with a portable water rinse and sanitizing as required.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Liquid
Appearance: Light Yellow
Water solubility: Soluble
Specific gravity: 1.0
Temperature: 80° to 210°F depending on specific cleaning application.
Cleaning Time: As required by individual application.
Primary Chemistry: A blend of concentrated defoaming surfactants
Features & Benefits
Effective sequestering additive
Prevents precipitation of hard water salts
Boosts cleaning power (alkaline cleaners)
Excellent de-foaming properties
Improved rinsing
Improved dispersion
Use levels:
- Bottle Washing 0.1% to 0.3% with 1.5 to 3.5% caustic soda
- Cleaning Additive: 1 to ounces per 10 gallons of cleaning solution
- Defoaming additive for shell egg-wash solution: 0.1-1.0 ounces per gallon (follow with rinse and sanitizer as required)
Problems Solved
Excessive foaming in CIP systems and cleaning applications
Limited temperature stability of defoamers and sequestering additives
Precipitation of hard water salts in food, beverage, dairy, and poultry processing plants
Defoamer for Shell Eggwash Solution
Bottle Washing
Defoaming Additive for
- General hard surface cleaning
- Food contact hard surface cleaning
- Non-food contact hard surface cleaning
- Food handling and process area cleaning