Vivital Colorants
Divis Laboratories

Vivital Colorants

Key Applications

beverages; baked goods; OTC; nutraceuticals; colorants

Product Description

This wide range of natural identical beta-carotene solutions offer excellent dispersibility and consistent coloring for food, pharma and neutraceutical products. They are available in liquid and solid forms, making them suitable for all different blending methods, as well as gelatine and vegatarian micro-encapsulated product forms.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Apocarotenal 20% LF SDS* TDS*
Apocarotenale 1 % SD SDS* TDS*
Apocarotenale 10 % DG SDS* TDS*
Beta-Carotene 1% SD Gum Acacia SDS* TDS*
Beta-Carotene 10% DG SDS* TDS*
Beta-Carotene 30% SUN SDS* TDS*