Tyzor® BTM

Tyzor® BTM is an alkoxy titanate that is extremely reactive to moisture. It is used as a catalyst for polymerization and as a cross-linker in coatings.
Product Overview
Tyzor® BTM is an extremely moisture sensitive alkoxy titanate. It is commonly used to cross-link polymers in paints and coatings that contain hydroxyl or carboxyl functionality. When added to solventborne paints and coatings, Tyzor® BTM improves surface hardness, drying time, adhesion to metal and glass surfaces. In addition to cross-linking Tyzor® BTM can be used as a Lewis acid in esterification, condensation, and addition reactions. It is also used as a Ziegler-Natta catalyst in the manufacture of polyolefins like polyethylene and polypropylene. Tyzor® BTM can be used to form titanium dioxide pigments and films by sol-gel processes. This is especially useful in the manufacture of glass and ceramic coatings.
Product Specifications
TiO2 Content: 14%
Active Content: 100%
Molecular Weight: 340 g/mol
Color: Yellow
Specific Gravity (25C): 0.99
Viscosity (25C): 65 cp
Pour Point: -70C
Boiling Point: 246C
Flash Point: 47C
Refractive Index: 1.493
Solubility in Solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents
Solubility in Water: Decomposes Quickly
Primary Chemistry: Alkoxy Titanate
Features & Benefits
Problems Solved
Water contamination of moisture curable sealants and adhesives
Poor yield of polyolefin synthesis reactions
Damage caused to surfaces due to a lack of hardness and durability
Glass Coatings; Ceramic Coatings; Paint; Reaction Catalyst; Chemical Manufacturing