Tyzor® TEAZ, zirconium chelate

Tyzor® TEAZ is a water stable zirconium complex that is used as a cross linking agent for polymers in coatings and oil well fracturing fluids.
Product Overview
Tyzor® TEAZ is a 100% actives ethanolamine zirconium complex. When exposed to water it forms a reactive hydroxyl zirconium chelate that is stable for an extended period of time. This hydrated chelate can form complexes with hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups on polymers. In oil well fracturing fluid applications, Tyzor® TEAZ is used to cross link dispersion of guar to form high viscosity aqueous gels to be used for fracturing. Tyzor® TEAZ can also be added to paint formulations to cross link functional polymers. This decreases drying time, improves adhesion, and increases durability of dried films. Additionally, Tyzor® TEAZ can form polymeric films of zirconium dioxide by hydrolytic and pyrolytic processes. It is often used to treat metal and glass surfaces to promote adhesion of coatings, improve light reflection, increase scratch resistance, an add coloring effects. In chemical manufacturing applications, Tyzor® TEAZ acts a low toxicity Lewis acid catalyst and improves reaction yield while eliminating unwanted by-products.
Product Specifications
TiO2 Content: 17.9 %
Active Content: 100 %
Color: Yellow to Brown
Density (20C): 1.34g/mL
Viscosity (20C): 50,000 mPa*s
Flash Point: >100 C
Refractive Index: 1.53
Solubility in Solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents
Solubility in Water: Miscible

Primary Chemistry: Ethanolamine Zirconium Complex
Features & Benefits
Low toxicity
Water stable
Excellent cross linker for polysaccharides and hydroxyl functional polymers
Lewis acid catalyst
Problems Solved
Low viscosity of oil well fracturing fluids leading to insufficient fracturing
Poor durability of coatings, inks, adhesives, and sealants due to a lack of cohesive strength
Oil Well Fracturing Fluids; Well Drilling; Chemical Manufacturing; Coatings; Paints