Molykote™ Polyisobutylene Greases
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Molykote™ Polyisobutylene Greases

Product Description

Viscous grades are generally used in formulations for viscosity adjustments, viscosity index improvement, and to provide adhesiveness, tackiness, and resilience for greases and automotive / industrial oils.

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Molykote™ 1122 Chain and Open Gear Grease NLGI 2-3, Polyisobutylene based grease with inorganic thickener and adhesion improver additive offering high wear protection commonly used in the lubrication of chains. SDS TDS*
Molykote™ 1122 Chain and Open Gear Grease (Aerosol) The same as Molykote™ 1112 except that it is in aerosol form to promote easier application. SDS* TDS*