ADCOTE™ 33-216

ADCOTE™ 33-216 is a solvent based heat seal coating that forms peelable bonds. It is primarily used to seal solvent stable substrates for food packaging.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 33-216 is a solvent based, EVA based, heat seal adhesive / coating that forms peelable bonds to high slip and metalized films. The broad FDA approvals of this adhesive makes it an ideal heat seal coating for polyethylene and polypropylene food packaging. ADCOTE™ 33-216 can be applied to substrates at room temperature as supplied or further diluted with n-propyl acetate or VM&P naphtha to achieve a desirable viscosity.
Product Specifications
Coating Weight: 3.0-5.0 lbs / ream
Carrier: n-Propyl Acetate, VM&P Naphtha, Shellsol WHT
Color: White Liquid
Density: 7.0 lbs / gallon
Drying Web Temperature: 200 °F
Shelf Life: 360 Days
Applied Solids: 18-20%
Supplied Solids: 20%
Apply To: LDPE, HDPE, Foil
Seal To: LDPE, HDPE, Foil, PET, PETG, Paper
Application Temperature: Ambient
Bond Strength: 900 gli
Viscosity: 100-400 cPs @ 25 °C
Primary Chemistry: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, EVA
Features & Benefits
Adhesion to difficult films including polyethylene and polypropylene
Forms peelable bonds
Good hot tack
Blocking resistance
Broad FDA compliance
Problems Solved
Films laminated with heat seal coating that stick to themselves prior to activation
Failure of polyolefin food packaging seals
Snack Food Packaging; Stand Up Pouches; Coffee Bags; Confectionery Packaging