COSEAL™ 55-114

COSEAL™ 55-114 is a water based cold seal adhesive with direct food contact approvals. It is used in flexible packaging of heat sensitive food products.
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Product Overview
COSEAL™ 55-114 is a water-based dispersion of natural rubber latex and acrylic latex.
It forms dry films that can be sealed to itself using only pressure.
COSEAL™ 55-114 is designed to be applied as supplied at a lower coating weight than other cold seal adhesives.
It has excellent adhesion to plastic films used in flexible packaging including BOPP and PVDC.
COSEAL™ 55-114 is an ideal adhesive for sealing packaging of heat sensitive food products.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Gravure
Coating Weight: 2.4-3.5 lbs/ream
Carrier: Water
Chemistry:Natural Rubber Latex/Acrylic
Color: Milky White
Density: 8.1 lbs/gallon
Recommended Diluent: DI Water
Drying Web Temperature: 140 °F
Shelf Life: 180 days
Applied Solids: 55-57.5 %
Supplied Solids 57.5 %
Solvent: Water
Thinner: DI water
Nominal Application Temperature:Room Temperature
Substrates: Untreated, Pearlescent, and Cavitated Opaque BOPP-films, Acrylic- and PVDC-coated Films.Viscosity70-150 cPshero-image

Primary Chemistry: Natural Rubber Latex/Acrylic
Features & Benefits
Resistance to moisture
High running solids
Fast bond development
Low odor
Peelable bonds
Problems Solved
Damage to heat sensitive food products caused by the activation temperature of a heat seal coating
Snack Food Packaging; Confectionery Packaging; Frozen Food Packaging