MOR-FREE™ L 75-164

MOR-FREE™ L 75-164 is an isocyanate that is used in a solventless, two part polyurethane adhesive system for packaging applications.
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Product Overview
MOR-FREE™ L 75-164 is designed to be used in combination with a polyol coreactant like MOR-FREE™ C-411 to make a 100% solids polyurethane laminating adhesive. This adhesive system offers incredibly fast bond development and full cure strength within 3 days at room temperature. Laminates made with this adhesive can be further processed in as little as 4 hours post lamination. MOR-FREE™ L 75-164 has excellent moisture, heat, and chemical resistance and can be used in laminations for boil in bag, hot fill, and microwave packaging applications. In addition, offers excellent adhesion to high slip films and foils including LDPE, OPP, and aluminum.
Product Specifications
Application Method : Smooth roll transfer
Coreactant : C132-2, C-411
Coating Weight : 0.8-1.3 lbs/ream
Chemistry : Polyurethane
Color: Clear Yellow Liquid
Density: 9.5 lbs/gallon
Mix Ratio: 100:63 with C-132-2, 100:40 with C-411
Shelf Life: 360 days
Applied Solids: 100 %
Supplied Solids: 100 %
Cure Time: 5 days at 77 °F
Mixed Viscosity: 1,300 cPs @ 110 °F
Nip Temperature: 120-140 °F
Nominal Application Temperature: 122-140 °F
Post Process Time: 4-8 hrs time to slit
Pot Life : 45 minutes at 110 °F
Viscosity: 2,500-3,500 cPs

Primary Chemistry: Isocyanate
Features & Benefits
Zero VOC
Rapid bond development to decrease time needed for processing
Adhesion to high slip films
Moisture resistance
Easy clean-up
High heat resistance
Low nip temperature
Adhesion to foil and metalized films
High chemical resistance
Fast slitting time
FDA 21 CFR177.1395 compliant
FDA 21 CFR175.105 compliant

Problems Solved
Adhesion failure of laminating adhesives in applications like boil-in-bag packaging where exposure to high heat and moisture is likely
Slow production of film laminations due to slow bond development of laminating adhesives
Hot Fill Pouches; Stand Up Pouches; Snack Food Packaging; Boil In Bag Packaging; Microwavable Packaging; Condiment Packaging; Produce Packaging