MOR-FREE™ L 75-197

MOR-FREE™ L 75-197 is a solventless two component polyurethane adhesive used in metalized snack food packaging.
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Product Overview
MOR-FREE™ L 75-197 is a 100% solids polyurethane adhesive that is used as a part of a two component adhesive system with Coreactant CR5. It provides excellent adhesion to high slip substrates including metallized films, polyolefin films and nylon. It is applied at room temperature and has a very fast cure time allowing laminates to be further processed in as little as 6 hours. MOR-FREE™ L 75-197 is 21 CFR175.105 compliant and is commonly used for snack food packaging, bottle labels, shrink labels, and condiment packaging.
Product Specifications
Solids Content: 100%
Viscosity (25°C): 2800-4400 mPa·s
Weight / Gallon: 8.95 lb / gl
Mix Ratio by Weight (PBW): 100
Mix Ratio by Volume (PBV): 100
Wet Color: Colorless to slightly yellow
Wet Appearance: Clear to hazy yellow liquid
Primary Chemistry: Isocyanate
Features & Benefits
Zero VOC
Fast cure
Substrate compatibility
21 CFR175.105 compliance
Low odor
Fast slitting time
Excellent clarity
Adhesion to high slip films
Problems Solved
Poor adhesion to high slip films used in flexible packaging laminations
Delays of packaging production due to slow processing times of film laminations
Bottle Labels; Meat & Cheese Packaging; Snack Food Packaging; Confectionery Packaging; Shrink Labels; Condiment Packaging