PACACEL™ L 75-191

PACACEL™ L 75-191 is an isocyanate that is used in a solventless polyurethane laminating adhesive system. It offers incredibly fast run speed and cure time.
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Product Overview
PACACEL™ L 75-191 is designed to be used in combination with a polyol coreactant like CR 85 in a 100% solids polyurethane adhesive system. This adhesive system offers incredibly fast run speed and cure time to allow converters to capture just-in-time business. Laminates made with PACACEL™ L 75-191 are ready for slitting in 4 hours, pouching in 24 hours and food contact in 2 days. This adhesive system has broad FDA compliance and can be used in food and pharmaceutical packaging applications. PACACEL™ L 75-191 offers excellent adhesion to combinations of PE, PET, OPP, Metalized films, Foil, Alox, Cellophane, CPP, and Nylon.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Smooth roll transfer Coreactant: CR 85, CR 89, or CR 88-141
Coating Weight: .8-1.3 ppr
Carrier: Solvent-Free
Chemistry: Polyester Urethane
Color: Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
Density: 9.39 Lbs/gallon
Mix Ratio: CR 85 100:50, CR 89 100:60
Applied Solids: 100%
Supplied Solids: 100%
Cure Time 4-8 hr slit
Mixed Viscosity 2300 cps at RT
Nip Temperature 120-150 F
Substrates: PE, Pet, OPP, Metalized films, foil, Alox, cellophane ,CPP, NYLON Bond Strength 900-1500 gli Viscosity 3,000 cPs @ 25 °C
Primary Chemistry: Isocyanate
Features & Benefits
Zero VOC
Fast cure speed with 4-8 hour time to slit
Broad FDA and EU compliance
Fast run speeds with excellent appearance
Problems Solved
Misting that occurs when running a solventless laminating adhesive at fast speeds
VOC restrictions for adhesives used in film lamination
Stand-Up Pouches, Bottle Labels, Coffee bags, Hot Fill Pouches, Meat and Cheese Packaging, Snack Food Packaging, General Industrial