Dowcal 100E

Ethylene glycol-based fluid exhibiting lower viscosity and heat transfer performance for HVAC and chemical industry.
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Product Overview
Provides excellent heat transfer performance and exceptional thermal stability in well-maintained heat transfer systems.
Product Specifications
Ethylene glycol-based fluid
Density at 20c: 1.114
Ph of solution: 8.0-8.8
Reserve Alkalinity min: 9.5
Freeze point: -36
Primary Chemistry: Ethylene Glycol
Features & Benefits
Offers a low acute oral toxicity, reducing contamination hazards compared to methanol alternatives.
Problems Solved
Premature Thermal System Corrosion, Rust or Damage
Inferior Heat Transfer Fluid Lifespan
Incompatibility between Thermal Fluid & Elastomers
Secondary cooling and heating
Freeze, burst protection
Renewable energy
Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)