KATHON™ CG/ICP Preservative

KATHON™ CG/ICP Preservative

Key Applications

HI&I such as floor cleaners, laundry care, car care, anti-tarnish; air fresheners, wet wipes, pre-moistened sponges, emulsions; agriculture

Product Description

This CMIT/MIT based product is EPA registered for in-can preservation of industrial and household products. Kathon CG/ICP I & II are odorless, colorless, and compatible across a broad spectrum pH range.


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KATHON™ CG/ICP Kathon CG/ICP's broad-spectrum activity, excellent physical and chemical compatibility and low toxicity at recommended use levels provide formulators with an economical, effective, and environmentally acceptable alternative to other commercial preservatives. SDS TDS*
KATHON™ CG/ICP II Kathon CG/ICP and Kathon CG/ICP II preservatives contain the same type and level of active ingredients. Kathon CG/ICP II is a low-salt formulation that typically contains 2.80% of inert magnesium salts. SDS TDS*