ISO 150 Polypropylene Glycol-based Lubricant Designed For (EP) Extreme Pressure Environments.
Product Overview
UCON™ UCONALL LUB 150 is a fully formulated, extreme-pressure lubricant with ISO Grade 150. UCONALL LUB 150 is formulated to provide excellent lubrication, enhanced stability, and extended service life. Dow Chemical has eliminated many of the problems commonly encountered with petroleum-based lubricant technology. Differentiated by viscosity which is 143 cSt at 100° F and a flash point of 545 °F.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Liquid.
Color: Brown
Odor: Mild
Boiling point: (760 mmHg) > 200 °C ( > 392 °F) Calculated.
Flash point: closed cup 166 °C ( 331 °F) ASTM D 93
Vapor Pressure: < 0.01 mmHg at 20 °C (68 °F) ASTM E1719
Relative Vapor Density (air = 1): >10 Calculated.
Relative Density (water = 1): 1.000 at 20 °C (68 °F) / 20 °C Calculated.
Water solubility: < 0.5 % at 20 °C (68 °F) Visual
Primary Chemistry: Polypropylene glycol
Features & Benefits
Wide temperature range operability
Very resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation
Has excellent viscosity temperature, removing the need for seasonal changeover
High viscosity index and low pour points
Unaffected viscosities by high rates of shear
Superior lubricity for reduced friction and wear
Resistant to sludge and varnish forming
Noncorrosive to metal surfaces
High flash points
Reduced energy consumption
Extended service life
Less product needed
Reduction in maintenance costs
Good seal and elastomer compatibility
Problems Solved
Sludge Formation and Clogging in System
Difficult Low Temp Start Up Performance
UCON™ UCONALL LUB 150 can be used in a wide range of lubrication requirements, including:
Compressors, drivers, gears, hydraulics and mobile equipment.