25% active ingredient in an aqueous solution of Na-OPP.
Product Overview
These versatile group of antimicrobials includes products that are broad-spectrum, ready-to-use, and soluble in water solvents and oils.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Suspension

Color: Yellow to brown

Odor: Ether

pH: 13
Boiling point (760 mmHg): 100°C
Relative Density (water=1): 1.104
Primary Chemistry: Ortho-phenylphenol
Features & Benefits
Broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, and virucide
Excellent in high pH (> 8.0) systems
High temperature stability (> 80°C)
Non-formaldehyde releasing
Readily biodegradable
Wide range of FDA clearances for indirect food contact
Problems Solved
Formulation issues with solid form phenylphenol biocides
Limitations on CMIT and BIT biocides
Adhesives, latex dispersions, paints, dishwashing liquids, surface cleaners, fabric softeners, slurries and dispersed pigments, concrete admixtures