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Molykote™ L-2132 Synthetic Gear Oil - ISO VG 320

ISO 320 grade polyalphaolephin (PAO) based with an extreme pressure (EP) additive and corrosion inhibitor. Commonly used in gears and gear boxes.




Product Overview

A fully synthetic gear oil designed to yield optimal performance in highly stressful environments. With an EP additive as well as good protection against rust and corrosion this ISO 320 gear oil is ideal for application in which micro-pitting is a concern. 

Product Specifications

Product Type: Oil
Chemistry: Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Base Oil Viscosity: 320 @ 40°C
ISO Grade: 320
Viscosity Index: 145
Color: Clear to golden yellow
Hazmat: No

Features & Benefits

Compatibility with common gear box coatings
Superior thermal stability
Excellent gear load carrying capacity
Reduces overall maintenance costs
- Extends time between oil drains
- Extends equipment life
- Reduction of energy usage
- Reduction of lubricant usage
Good mechanical shear resistance
Washout resistant
Lead free


Industrial gear units
Industrial equipment
- Spur gears
- Helical gears
- Bevel gears
- Planetary gears

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