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Eastman™ THQ Toluhydroquinone

Highly effective process inhibitor used in the production of highly reactive unsaturated polyesters.


110.23lb Drum



Product Overview

Eastman™ THQ (Toluhydroquinone) is a tan to white crystalline solid that goes through similar chemical reactions as Hydroquinone. However, due to the presence of a methyl group in the ortho position, THQ becomes a highly active inhibitor in the free radical polymerization of vinyl monomers and unsaturated polyesters. 

Product Specifications

Appearance: Off-white solid
Flash point: 172°C (342°F)
Boiling point: 279°C (534°F)
Melting point: 127°C (261°F)
Specific gravity: 1.3
Molecular weight: 124.13
CAS: 95-71-6

Features & Benefits

Better solubility in styrene than Hydroquinone
Highly effective cook stabilizer in unsaturated polyesters
Good performing antioxidant for oleates, linseed oil, and other nonfood fats and oils


Used as an inhibitor, antioxidant, and intermediate manufacturing. 

Related Products

Eastman Hydroquinone and Derivatives

Eastman™ hydroquinone and derivatives are photographic- and industrial-grade reaction inhibitors and stabilizers that react with free radicals in polymerization reactions to form stable compounds in the presence of oxygen. Hydroquinone and its derivatives are practical storage and in-process inhibitors.

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