ERA Curatives

ERA Curatives

Key Applications

Cast polyurethane; rollers; wheels; pipeline pigs; automotive parts

Product Description

These curatives for urethane products are specifically designed to be reacted with prepolymers to form a solid cast elastomer and improve the properties of that elastomer.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Eracure 105 Curative for use with ECP61A (TDI Polycaprolactone) for excellent abrasion and wear characteristics. SDS* TDS*
Eracure 110 Low viscosity curative for use with all TDI prepolymers for excellent abrasion and wear characteristics. SDS* TDS*
Eracure 126 Polyester curative used with polyester prepolymers to produce softer elastomers with favorable tear strength. SDS* TDS
Eracure 300 Liquid alternative to MOCA for use with polyether and polyester TDI prepolymers. SDS TDS
Eracure C32 Custom Triol blend that offers a combination of solvent resistance and physical properties in low durometer roll formulations SDS* TDS*
Eracure M General purpose aromatic diamine curative for TDI prepolymers. Also known as MOCA. SDS TDS
Isonol 93 Reactive Triol that is often blended with other curatives to produce urethanes with lower durometers and good solvent resistance, SDS TDS*

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