ERA Curatives

ERA Curatives

Key Applications

Cast polyurethane; rollers; wheels; pipeline pigs; automotive parts

Product Description

These curatives for urethane products are specifically designed to be reacted with prepolymers to form a solid cast elastomer and improve the properties of that elastomer.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
E83A/30A Part B SDS* TDS*
Eracure 1000 SDS* TDS
Eracure 105 SDS* TDS*
Eracure 106 SDS* TDS*
Eracure 110 SDS* TDS*
Eracure 112 SDS TDS
Eracure 126 Polyester curative used to produce softer elastomers with favorable tear strength. SDS* TDS
Eracure 300 SDS TDS
Eracure AH-41 SDS* TDS*
Eracure C32 SDS* TDS*
Eracure M Widely used high performance aromatic diamine curative for TDI prepolymers. Also known as MOCA. SDS TDS
Eracure NW SDS* TDS*
Erapol E83A-40A SDS* TDS*
Erapol E83A-50A SDS* TDS*
Isonol 93 SDS TDS*