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Eracure 105

Curative for use with ECP61A (TDI Polycaprolactone) for excellent abrasion and wear characteristics.


44.09lb Pail



Product Overview

Eracure 105 is a blended aromatic diamine curative free of mercury, MOCA and flammable solvents. Catalyst maybe added to this curative to decrease demold time.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Opaque tan liquid
Moisture content (%): <0.05
Specific gravity at 20°C: 1.2
Viscosity at 25°C (cps): 1500-2500
Prepolymer temp (°C): 80
Curative temp (°C): 20-30
Potlife (min): 10-20
Primary Chemistry: Aromatic Diamine

Features & Benefits

Free of mercury
Excellent abrasion and wear
Liquid at room temperature
Can be processed at ambient or elevated temperatures


High wear and abrasion parts

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