ERA Specialty Urethane Products

ERA Specialty Urethane Products

Key Applications

concrete molds; general molds; electrical insulation; climbing holds

Product Description

This array of specialized polyurethane products include but are not limited to cold castables, elastomeric sprays, release agents, and trowelable products.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
CC50A 50A TDI PTMEG cold cast urethane that is free from MOCA. SDS* TDS*
Erabond Metal Red Bonding agent used to bond urethane to a metal surface. SDS TDS*
Erapol Eracat MF Polyurethane catalyst that is free from mercury. SDS TDS*
Erapol FRAS Standard Fire retardant antistatic additive for polyurethane systems. SDS* TDS*
Erastat 3608 Antistatic additive for polyurethane systems SDS* TDS*

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