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Erapol ECP61A

60A TDI Polycaprolactone polyester prepolymer typically used in applications that require the superior mechanical properties of polyesters along with good hydrolysis resistance.




Product Overview

Erapol ECP61A is a TDI polycaprolactone prepolymer that cures to 60A with MOCA. It can also be cured with different curatives to produce prepolymers with the hardness range 55A-65A. ECP61A is made using a Polycaprolactone polyol that gives  it superior hydrolysis resistance. It has 
outstanding abrasion resistance, high load bearing ability and good low temperature flexibility making it suitable for mining screens, hydro cyclones, forklift and caster wheels.

Product Specifications

% NCO: 3.75 ± 0.20
Specific Gravity at 77F: 1.15
Viscosity @ 80°C (cps): 1200-1800
Appearance: Clear, light amber
Primary Chemistry: TDI Polycaprolactone (polyester)

Features & Benefits

Hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistance, high load bearing ability, low temperature flexibility, long potlife


Forklift & caster wheels
Mining screens
Hydro cyclones
Scraper blades
Oil Seals
Cutting boards

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