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Erapol L-E95A

95A TDI PTMEG prepolymer that is normally cured with MOCA (Eracure M). It is generally used in dynamic applications that require high load bearing ability and good abrasion resistance.




Product Overview

Erapol L-E95A is a high performance TDI prepolymer made using the PTMEG backbone. It has excellent load ability and abrasion making it suitable for use in wheels, tires, rollers and other dynamic applications. In addition it has excellent hydrolytic stability. L-E95A also has lower free TDI content compared to other conventional prepolymers.

Product Specifications

% NCO: 6.00 ± 0.25
Specific gravity @ 25°C: 1.07
Viscosity @ 80°C (cps): 300-700
Color: Clear, light amber
Primary Chemistry: TDI PTMEG Polyether

Features & Benefits

High load bearing ability
Excellent abrasion
Good hydrolytic stability
Low free TDI content


Forklift tires
Mining applications
Other dynamic applications

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