Gett Drain Opener RTU

Heavy-duty liquid drain opener that has been specifically formulated for the toughest clogs
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Product Overview
Gett's Drain Opener is a professional-grade clog remover that is formulated to quickly break down oils, grease, hair, lint, food and other pesky blockages. The Drain Opener comes ready to use and most clogs are cleared with 2 cups of solution.
Product Specifications
Color: Colorless
Scent: Odorless
pH: 13-14
Features & Benefits
Ideal for all types of pipes and septic systems
Engineered to remove difficult blockages and maintain a clear and odorless pathway
Meets health, safety and performance needs for industrial, institutional and commercial use
Biodegradable and phosphate free
Problems Solved
Clogged Drains
Non-draining Sinks & Stagnant Water
Apply 2 cups of Drain Opener and let sit for 15 minutes before flushing with hot water.
If the drain is still clogged, repeat process.

Do not mix with acids or other chemicals