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Ludox HSA is a small particle sized collidal silica with a 30% silica content and slight acidity


Product Overview

Ludox HSA is useful in applications such as coatings or catalysts in which sodium or alkaline components aren't desired. It is designed to be more stable than most competitive de-ionized colloidal silica

Product Specifications

Density (g/cm³, lb/gal): 1.2, 10
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) °C/°F: 100/212
Melting Point °C/°F: 0/32
Vapor Pressure (25°C) mm Hg: 24
Vapor Pressure (38°C) mm Hg: 48
Stabilizing Counter Ion: None
Particle Charge: Negative
Biocide ppm: 25

Features & Benefits

High surface area
Excellent stability
Broad pH stability
Low sodium content

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