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Bio-resistant high oil content semi-synthetic fluid designed for machining & grinding of ferrous and aluminum alloys.


39.683lb Pail



Product Overview

BONDERITE® L-MR B 415 is a bio-resistant high oil content semi-synthetic coolant designed for metal removal operations on ferrous and most aluminum alloys. The L-MR B 415 has been engineered light to moderate duty machining & grinding operations where lubricity, bio-resistance, cleanliness and cooling are critical.

Product Specifications

Appearance of concentrate: Hazy, amber fluid
Appearance @ 5%: Translucent tan fluid
Recommended conc.: 5 – 10%
pH of emulsion (typical): 9.2 – 9.4
Density: 8.3 lbs. / gallon
Chlorine: None
Boron: Yes
Refractometer factor: 1.67
Biosan bacteria challenge (Biosan SOP# 14-1): Pass

Features & Benefits

High lubricity making this product versatile in most machining and grinding applications.
Bio-resistant technology which eliminates the need for tank-side additives and Monday morning odors.
Excellent tramp oil rejection for easy removal and increased solution longevity.
Less product consumption due to the superb wetting and emulsion properties.


Designed for use in areas where soft to moderate water quality (0 - 300 ppm hardness) or process requirements make foam difficult to control. Excellent for medium duty ferrous or non-ferrous machining.

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BONDERITE® lubricants are tailored to meet the needs of specific applications, whether it is metal removal, casting, forging, or machining & grinding. These unique formulations reduce metal-on-metal friction, extend system life and provide consistent tooling performance.

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