Soluble Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor for Ferrous Alloys.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® S-FN 6767 is a soluble oil corrosion inhibitor engineered for long-term protection agaisnt corrosion.
S-FN 6767 provides heavy-duty protection for extended term storage.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Light Amber Fluid (concentrate)
Appearance: Opaque, Off White (Dilution)
pH: 9.3 @ 5% Dilution
Film Type: Fluid
Bonderite® S-FN 6767 should be protected from freezing.
Store Bonderite® S-FN 6767 above 40°F and below 100°F for best results.
Features & Benefits
Easy to apply via dip, airless spray and other application techniques
Easy to remove with most alkaline cleaning systems
Provides heavy duty corrosion protection
Problems Solved
Poor Long Term Corrosion Prevention
Non-Durable Coating Performance