Heubach Color


Product Description

Vynamon organic pigments are specifically engineered for plastics and powder coating. These pigments are of the highest quality therefore can be utilized in food packaging and toys.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
VYNAMON™ BLUE 515303 VYNAMON™ BLUE 515303 is an organic Pigment Blue 15:3. SDS* TDS*
VYNAMON™ GREEN 600734 VYNAMON™ GREEN 600734 is an organic Pigment Green 7. SDS* TDS*
VYNAMON™ GREEN 6Y FW-C VYNAMON™ GREEN 6Y is an organic Pigment Green 36. SDS* TDS*
VYNAMON™ RED 312202 VYNAMON™ RED 312202 is an organic Pigment Red 122. SDS* TDS*
VYNAMON™ RED 325401 VYNAMON™ RED 325401 is an organic Pigment Red 254. SDS* TDS*
VYNAMON™ YELLOW 118303 VYNAMON™ YELLOW 118303 is an organic Pigment Yellow 183. SDS* TDS*

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