Cascorez® EVA Adhesive

Cascorez® EVA Adhesive

Key Applications

cold press bonding of wood to various difficult to bond materials (e.g. film vinyl (PVC), polstyrene furniture components, polyester edge bonding, finished wood surfaces, and highly impregnated paper); edge gluing; face gluing; panel-on-frame assembly; dowelling; case goods assembly

Product Description

These are vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) copolymer emulsion adhesives.

Article: Hexion Adhesives for Furniture


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Cascorez® IB-S33 (WC) A Vynyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) copolymer emulsion adhesive specially formulated for the cold press bonding of wood to various difficult to bond materials. SDS* TDS
Cascorez® IB-S33HV Medium viscosity wood adhesive possesses good assembly time tolerance, fast setting speed and excellent heat resistance suggested for edge/face gluing, panel-on-frame assembly, doweling, case goods assembly and any other assembly applications involving cellulosic substrates where the mentioned adhesive attributes are desired. SDS* TDS