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HiTEC® 317

Industrial Gear Oil Additive for premium tier "Clean-Gear" performance.


449.74lb Drum



Product Overview

Industrial Gear Oil Additive

Features & Benefits

HiTEC® 317 benefits include:
- Clean-gear performance under conditions of high temperature and oxidation
- Excellent phosphorus retention, ensuring extended wear protection
- Low chlorine content in blended industrial gear oils
- Performance exceeding the requirements of U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 9005-E02 and DIN 51517 Part 3

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear amber liquid
Density at 15°C, g/ml: 1.025
Density, lbs/gal. 8.55
Specific Gravity at 15.6/15.6°C: 1.027
Flash Point, °C (PMCC): 82 min.
Kinematic Viscosity at 100˚C, mm2/s: 15
Max Handling Temp: 60°C
Shelf Life: 24 months at ambient temperature

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