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HiTEC® 521F

Premium Antiwear Hydraulic Additive Package, with added Antifoam performance.


440.92lb Drum



Product Overview

Antiwear hydraulic additive package with Antifoam

Features & Benefits

Designed for modern systems with high pressure pumps, the HiTEC® 521F can meet and/or exceed the necessary performance specifications for all major hydraulic OEM's as well as industry requirements.  

HiTEC® 521F meets all performance characteristics of HiTEC 521, with an added benefit of anti-foam for next-tier performance.

- Excellent Oxidation Stability.
- Can extend the interval required for Oil Drain.
- Excellent particulate and sludge control
- Enhances the filterability, leading to longer operating time between fills.
- Maximize equipment life by improving the wear protection of critical components.
- Tested extensively in Group I, II and III base oils.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Dark brown oily liquid
Density lbs/gal. 8.58
Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6°C 1.031
Viscosity at 40°C, cSt 98
Flash Point °C, (PMCC) 125 min.
Max Handling Temp: 75°C
Shelf Life: 24 months @ ambient temperature

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