IceMelz eco® Liquid
IceMelz eco

IceMelz eco® Liquid

Key Applications

Deicing, Anti-Slip, Snow Clearance

Product Description

This deicing liquid consists of an unique salt- and chloride-free solution that combats and prevents slippery surfaces due to snow, ice and frost. As a liquid product, it is immediately active, making high traffic volume less important for maintaining the de-icing process. IceMelz eco Liquid is active at extremely low temperatures and due to its non-corrosive properties, it is friendly to the environment and safe for use on all types of surfaces. Compliant with OECD directive 301B, IceMelz eco Liquid is considered highly biodegradable.

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IceMelz eco® Liquid Packaging IceMelz eco Liquid is available in following packaging: 25 kg Can, 256 kg Drum and 1280 kg IBC SDS TDS