Aminox® Amine Antioxidants

Aminox® Amine Antioxidants are a low-temperature reaction product of diphenylamine and acetone that effectively protects against heat, oxygen and flexing fatigue. They are easily dispersed, non-blooming, and has no effect on cure rates. An effective antioxidant in small amounts, it is an ideal choice for many rubber products.

Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters

Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters offer a broad range of benefits when used as plasticizers, solvent alternatives, lubricant additives and performance enhancers in aqueous and solvent-based polymer formulations. They are neither "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs) nor "Hazardous Air Pollutants" (HAPs) and combine efficient plasticization of polymers with low toxicity, high flash points and rapid biodegradability.

Executive Brand 126+ Concentrate

This complex of proprionic and other fatty acids and a low foaming surfactant is used exclusively to manufacture EPA-registered 4959-41 and 4959-42 products for use as hard surface sanitizers in food and beverage processing plants and for dairy farm use.

Furfural QO

Furfural is cyclic aldehyde which functions as a chemical precursor for reaction into other functional chemistry.

Furfuryl Alcohol

Used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial chemicals furfural alcohol is used in make sand molds for metal castings


Derived from furfural based on corn cobs, this green chemistry has proven useful in engine cleaners, and as an intermediate for pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural chemicals.


Glutaraldehyde offers outstanding performance and versatility in a wide range of applications. This clear liquid is based off Pentane-1, 5-diol and provides broad efficacy, excellent compatibility, formaldehyde free, and is also non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bio-accumulative.

Hi Temp Acid 1000

Hi Temp Acid 1000 is a detergent blend of nitric and phosphoric acid for CIP applications in dairy and food processing facilities. It dissolves mineral scale while maintian the oxide film on stainless steel to prevent corrosion.  It is best used in whey evaporators and other high temperature equipment. It is not intended for use for manual or foam cleaning applications or on soft metal surfaces.

IDC 20™

This cost-effective, cold process iodophor with stable iodine content and low viscositiy is a concentrate used only for the manufacture of animal health drugs, including but not limited to sanitizing teat dips, antiseptic wound sprays, and medicated animal shampoos. Formulaters must obtain the necessary approvals from the FDA for any prodcuts claiming to treat or prevent anmial diseases.

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