Aristonate® Synthetic Calcium Sulfonates

These neutralized, first-intent, water and oil soluble synthetic calcium sulfonates are used in dispersant, emulsification, metal working, corrosion prevention, lube oil additive, agriculture, ore floatation, enhanced oil recovery, and industrial cleaning applications.

Aviation Test Fuels

Chevron Phillips Chemical Aviation Test Fluids are used for aviation material performance testing.

Diesel Cetane Reference Fuels

Chevron Phillips Chemical Reference Fuels are used to identify quality and performance characters of various fuels used in commercial and industrial applications. The reference fuels below can be used in multiple test methods, including ASTM D613, ASTM D7371, ASTM D7170, and ASTM 6890.

Diesel Performance Additives

Afton Chemical's Greenclean Detergent Technology allows on-highway fleets to reduce vehicle operating expenses and equipment failures while improving driver satisfaction. Greenclean offers real-world protection against fuel filter plugging and injector deposits in conventional and modern heavy-duty diesel powered equipment.

Haltermann n-Pentane

n-Pentane is available in two different purities to meet the needs of any application.  n-Pentane is used ias a key solvent in various markets.

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