ENLITEN® Stevia Sweetener

ENLITEN® Stevia Sweetener

Key Applications

Food, Beverage & Pharma

Product Description

High purity stevia sweetener extracted from the stevia leaves native to the Americas. Derived from a single propriatary cultivar, ENLITEN® is available in 95% or greater purity. All ENLITEN® production steps are exclusively owned and controlled by Ingredion, giving ENLITEN® the lot-to-lot consitency for superior taste that customers are looking for.


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Enliten® 300000 (Reb. 95) Purified 95% high intensity sweetener extracted from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Versatile stevia for use in  beverages, baked goods, cereals, nutritional supplements, dairy products, confections  and table top sweeteners. SDS* TDS*