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To enable manufacturers and retailers to meet the growing consumer demand for protein-enriched foods, Ingredion has launched a range of pulse-based proteins called VITESSENCE™ pulse proteins.

The range features three new proteins which contain 55-60% and are derived from faba bean, yellow lentil and yellow pea.

Naturally gluten-free and based on plant protein, they can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated products such as baked goods, snacks, cereals and meat substitutes.

For consumers who aim to reduce their meat consumption, pulse proteins provide a good alternative source of protein. Free from common allergens, the protein concentrates are an alternative to other plant based proteins, such as soy.


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NOVATION® 3300 FG NOVATION® 3300 appears as an off-white to cream colored fine powder. It is a tapioca based functional native starch that is recommended for higher temperature and shear food processing. This product is designed for use in dairy foods such as yogurt where its low hot viscosity, unique mouthfeel, and slight set provide distinct advantages. SDS* TDS*
NOVATION® 3600 FG NOVATION® 3600 is a tapioca based functional starch that appears as an off-white to cream colored fine powder. This product is recommended for moderate temperature and shear food processing systems. It is used in pasteurized puddings, desserts, soups, sauces, ice cream, other dairy applications and fruit preparations. SDS* TDS*
NOVATION® Indulge 3920 NOVATION® Indulge 3920 is a moderate process tolerant, instant clean label starch providing viscosity and glossy appearance. Suitable for use in mayonnaise, dressings, pizza toppings and fruit fillings SDS* TDS*