TETRANYL® Esterquats

Key Applications

Skin Care; Hair Conditioning; Fabric Softeners; Surface Cleaners, Facility Cleaners; Laundry Liquid Detergents

Product Description

TETRANYL® esterquats are cationic surfactants with primary use in fabric softeners, creams and lotions, shampoos, and conditioners thanks to their excellent conditioning and softening properties.

4 Products
TETRANYL® DM-24 container
TETRANYL® DM-24 is a hydrotropic degreaser ideal for hard surface cleaners, car cleaners, and industrial degreasers.
TETRANYL® U container
TETRANYL® U is a cationic surfactant with a fungicide effect for skin and hair care products.
TETRANYL® CO-40 container
TETRANYL® CO-40 is a cationic surfactant and conditioning agent ideal for use in fabric softeners and hair conditioners.
TETRANYL® AO-1 container
TETRANYL® AO-1 is a cationic surfactant for fabric softeners. It has an eco-friendly profile and provides good anti-static, softening, and rewetting properties.
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