AMIDET® Amides

Key Applications

Skin Care; Hair Care; Skin Cleansing; Household Cleaning; Laundry Care; Surface Cleaning; Industrial Cleaning; Institutional Cleaning

Product Description

AMIDET® non-ionic surfactants are amides that can be used in various personal care and HI&I products. They can increase viscosity and provide foam boosting properties.

3 Products
AMIDET® B-112 container
AMIDET® B-112 is a non-ionic surfactant with good thickening and foaming properties. It is used in household cleaning and cosmetics products.
AMIDET® A 15 container
AMIDET® A 15 is a mild, non-ionic co-surfactant that functions primarily as a multifunctional thickener.
AMIDET® N container
AMIDET® N is a natural, multifunctional surfactant with excellent thickening properties.
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