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Krytox™ GPL205 Grease

General use lubricant for applications where inert, non-flammable and mid range temperature range use is required.




Product Overview

General Purpose Greases provide lubrication for valves and bearings and do not contain specialty additives. A PFPE base oil with PTFE thickener, Krytox™ GPL 205 can be used in equipment that comes into contact with reactive chemicals, seal barrier fluids and oxygen systems.


Premium midrange general purpose grease for mechanical parts like bearings, chains and rollers. Reactive gas resistant and compatible with most plastics. Can be used in NVH solutions and food grade applications.

Bearings; Chains; Compressors; Electric Motors; Gear Boxes; Noise, Vibration, Harshness; Plain Bearings, Bushing & Sleeves; Slides, Guides, & Tracks; Valves, Packings, Seals & O-Rings

Product Specifications

ISO Grade: 150
Food Grade Compatible (H1): Yes
Estimated Useful Range: -36°C to 204°C (-33°F to 400°F)
Oil Viscosity Index: 124
Oil Pour Point: -36°C (-33°F)

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Krytox™ Greases

Krytox™ greases are nontoxic lubricants that maintain their lubricity and viscosity properties to reduce maintenance costs associated with re-lubrication, component failure, and downtime in demanding applications. They are created by thickening synthetic perfluoropolyether-based oil (PFPE) with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder. The PTFE thickener forms a barrier that holds the base oil at friction contact points for long-term lubrication, without requiring complicated oil recirculation systems.  Anit-corrosion, High Temperature and High Pressure additives are also provided for specialized applications.

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