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ANDEROL® 423 is a synthetic diester-based lubricating oil (ISO Grade 5).


39.14lb PL39.14LB



Product Overview

ANDEROL® 423 is a synthetic diester-based lubricating oil (ISO Grade 5).

End Markets: Aerospace & Aviation; Chemical & Petrochemical; Consumer Products; Electronics; Energy Generation & Utility; Facility Infrastructure; Food & Beverage; General Industrial; Heavy Industry; Medical & Pharmaceutical; Metal Processing & Fabrication; Oil & Gas; Personal Care; Pulp & Paper; Transportation; Wood Products


* Anti-friction bearings
* Rolling elements
* Static elements
* Sintered metal bearings
* Measuring and dispensing pumps and meters
* Gear lubrication (light duty)
* Mechanical spring and actuator mechanisms
* General purpose light to medium viscosity lubricating oil
Related Applications:  Bearings; Compressors; Gear Boxes; Pumps; Vacuum & Vacuum Pumps

Features & Benefits

ANDEROL® 423 is formulated to provide low starting and running torques at temperatures down to –100°F.

Product Specifications

Viscosity ISO VG:  5
Primary Chemistry: Monoester
Chemistry:  Ester
Functions:  Oil

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ANDEROL® Industrial Lubricants

Anderol® specialty lubricants includes a diverse portfolio of ester, group III mineral oil, and PAO-type lubricant chemistries. These lubricants serve compressors, food grade lubricants, gears, bearings, chains, and hydraulic fluids.

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