Naugalube® Amine Antioxidants

Naugalube® Amine Antioxidants

Key Applications

Antioxidants; Petroleum additives; Anti-wear; Extreme Pressure; Friction Modifier

Product Description

These antioxidants are used in the prevention of lubricant oxidative degradation due to exposure to oxygen, heat, light and metals during storage and service.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Naugalube® 438 Amine based anti-oxidant (dioctyldiphenylamine) with very low ash content often used in engine and turbine oils. SDS TDS*
Naugalube® 438L Liquid Amine based anti-oxidant (mixture of dinonyl monononyl) with very low ash content often used in PCMO HDD oils. SDS TDS*
Naugalube® 750 Ashless, amine based anti-oxidant (butl, octyl diphenylamine) with a High TBN (180) to allow for improved acid scavenging. This product is Kosher certified and NSF approved. SDS* TDS*
Naugalube® APAN Amine based anti-oxidant (alkylated phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine) which is often used in industrial applications containing esters. SDS* TDS*