Royco® 634E

Advanced weapons cleaner, lube & preservative which meets MIL - PRF - 63460, NATO - S-758 specifications.
Product Overview

Royco® 634E is an advanced military weapons system lubricant that is engineered for cleaning, lubrication, and preservation of both small and large caliber arms. through a wide range of environmental conditions. Royco® 634E
is technically sophisticated to serve the military and useful in many other demanding lubrication requirements.

Product Specifications
Kinematic Viscosity, (cSt ASTM D445)
@ 40°C (104°F):
@ -40°C (-40°F): <-63
Pour Point, °C (°F): 120 (248)
Features & Benefits
Deep metal penetration for enhanced corrosion protection
Excellent antiwear performance
Effective removal of dirt and deposit buildup
Reduced friction between moving metal surfaces
Problems Solved
Inferior Lubricant Film Strength and Wear Protection
Poor Corrosion or Rust Prevention from Lubricant
Royco® 634E is not limited in application and can be used in a wide range of lubrication requirements from automotive, aerospace, marine, general industrial and more.