Trilene® EPDM Elastomers


Trilene® EPDM is a class of versatile, low molecular weight EPDM which comes in liquid and powder form. Trilene® is used in gear oils and greases, caulks, adhesives, and a range of coatings applications.

Problems Solved

Limited or short lifespan of heavy-duty industrial and elastomeric coatings
Insufficient water-resistance and heat stability in elastomeric and roof coatings
Physical damage and degradation of roof coatings caused by rain, light, and ice Irreversible conformal coatings preventing repairs or upgrades
High viscosity in rubber compounding and elastomeric formulations
Poor crosslinking, insufficient plasticity, and sulfur blooming in the production of rubber products
High compression set and limited flexibility of electronic coatings' polymers
High moisture permeability and poor adhesion of elastomeric coatings to substrates
Availability of EPDM resins in water-based dispersion for low and VOC free formulations

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