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LifeTech Ultrafines

Similar to LifeTech Superfines, the LifeTech Ultrafine grade is the finest and most reactive of the lithium carbonate grades


55.1lb Bag



Product Overview

LifeTech grades are lithium carbonate based accelerating admixtures that contain no sodium or potassium alkalis.

Product Specifications

Bulk Density 0.7 g/cm3 (44 lb/ft3)
Molecular Weight 73.89
Melting Point 7200°C
Specific Heat @ 250°C 0.315 cal/g/°C
Standard Heat of Formation –290.64 kcal/mole Standard Heat of Fusion 10.7 kcal/mole Water Solubility @ 200°C 1.3 wt %
Primary Chemistry: Lithium Carbonate

Features & Benefits

Narrow particle size distribution
Reduction in concrete setting time
Increased early compressive strength
Prevents non-uniform curing
Prevents discoloration and spotting
Controls ASR in concrete


Concrete set-time accelerant

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Livent Lithium Carbonate Admixtures

Livent LifeTech® lithium carbonate admixtures provide controllable, uniform, and predictable rates of reaction to adjust and accelerate the setting time of cement systems such as high-alumina cements and alumina-portland cement blends.

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