Koralone Microbiocide

Widely used in the preservation of household, industrial and institutional cleaning and laundry products.  Koralone has broad spectrum activity in high pH systems, controlling bacteria and fungi (yeasts and molds).   It is free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers.  Stable over a wide range of pH (4 to 12) and temperature conditions up to 50°C.  Is easy to handle due to its liquid form and good compatibility in most aqueous formulations.

Larostat® Antistatic Additives

These cationic antistats compounded within coatings, treatments and plastics are used within a large array of polymers and coatings, as well as with nonwoven textiles.

LifeTech Admixtures

Because of their fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution, these lithium carbonates provide controllable, uniform and predictable rates of reaction. They can be used to adjust and accelerate the setting time of cementitious systems, as well as manufacture of ceramics, welding rods, refractory materials and specialty glasses.

Lithium Chloride

This liquid absorbent is widely used in large industrial and commercial wet dehumidification systems. It has an especially high water-holding capacity, and can also be used in dye formation, brazing fluxes, casting filter membranes, and as an antistatic agent.

Lithium Fluoride

Lithium fluoride is a powerful flux in enamels, glasses and glazes; and an ingredient in brazing and welding fluxes, molten salt chemistry and metallurgy, and heat sink material.

Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous

Lithium hydroxide anhydrous can be used as an intermediates generator in organic synthesis, a catalyst in alkyd resin manufacture and esterification reactions, a stabilizer in some photographic developers, and heat sink material. It also aids in absorption of carbon dioxide from sealed environments, such as submarines, spacecraft, and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Microthene® G Ground EVA

These ground and irregularly-shape dethylene vinyl acetate copolymer-based polyolefin powders have particle sizes between 300 - 500 microns.

Polybond® Polypropylene-Based Coupling Agents

Polybond® Polypropylene-Based Coupling Agents are coupling agents, compatibilizers and adhesion promoters for glass, mica, talc, wood, and natural fiber reinforced polypropylene giving enhanced physical and thermal properties.

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ROCIMA™ Microbicide

These microbicides are a collection of in-can and thin film preservatives that are appropriate for a multitude of product applications and characteristics.

ROZONE™ Microbicide

This dichloro octylisothiazolinone-based thin film fungicide and mildewcide suitable for solvent based products is registered for applications such as adhesives, building materials, paints and stains.

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