Lithium Acetate

Lithium acetate is an ester interchange catalyst in polyester production, an anti-corrosion agent in molding polyphenylene sulfide resins, and a catalyst in alkyd resin and acrylic polymer production. It can be used as a performance catalyst or could be used to improve downstream functionality to reduce the number of side reactions, which would improve the quality of the final product. It is also used to prevent side reactions of diethylene glycol (DEG), which tends to cause bubbling on the film as well as problems with extrusion.

Lithium Chloride

This liquid absorbent is widely used in large industrial and commercial wet dehumidification systems. It has an especially high water-holding capacity, and can also be used in dye formation, brazing fluxes, casting filter membranes, and as an antistatic agent.

Lithium Hypochlorite

Used to chlorinate pools and spas, lithium hypochlorite is 100x more soluble than calcium hydroxide and 1000x more soluble than calcium carbonate, eliminating cloudiness, residue, and scale. When used regularly, it will sharply decrease the frequency of fouled chemical feed pumps, clogged filters, undesired backwashes, and expensive repair and replacements.

Neolone Preservatives

Neolone™ preservatives are safe, effective, globally approved biocides with excellent stability in a wide range of pH and temperatures. These broad-spectrum preservatives inhibit an extensive variety of bacteria at low active ingredient levels. They extend the shelf life of personal care products such as lotions, styling gels, sunscreens, and wipes. Neolone™ is easy to dose, highly water soluble, and has an exceptional environmental profile. It is compatible with numerous raw materials, including surfactants and emulsifiers, zinc pyrithione, and avobenzone. It has exhibited superior performance in leave-on and rinse off products.  Neolone is available in a variety of blends for personal care and household applications.

Polectron™ Copolymers

This unusually stable, moderately viscous emulsion exhibits a high acid and salt tolerance. It forms strong, light-stable films with high water resistance. It appears as a fluid, milky-white emulsion.

Polybond® Polypropylene-Based Coupling Agents

Polybond® Polypropylene-Based Coupling Agents are coupling agents, compatibilizers and adhesion promoters for glass, mica, talc, wood, and natural fiber reinforced polypropylene giving enhanced physical and thermal properties.

Learn More About Polybond 3200 as a Coupling Agent

PVP K-series

Ashland polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymers are used in hair styling applications for their ability to form clear, hard, glossy films. In addition, PVP also stabilizes emulsions, dispersions and suspensions. PVP is soluble in water and many organic solvents. They are available in a range of viscosities and supplied as either powders or aqueous solutions.


Sulfolane is a specialty organosulfur solvent commonly used in aromatic extractions, printing inks, extractive distillation,  and textile dye for increased storage stability and color brightness.  Sulfolane is also the preferred solvent for the extraction of benzene, toluene, and xylene from oil refinery streams.

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