Krytox™ oils for specialty applications

These greases and oils are used in various applications and are offered in very specialized grades. All are polytetrafluoroethlyene (PTFE) based and are chemically inert and non-reactive.

Krytox™ oils for vacuum pumps

These oils are formulated for use in demanding industries that require extra protection and are under sever operating conditions.

Lithium Stearate

Lithium stearate is designed for use in hydrocarbon and synthetic lubricant-based greases. It can also be used in metal powder molding applications.


This powdered lubricant is most often used in metal and pharmaceutical applications. As a fuzed zinc stearate, it is often the most cost effective option.

Lubricity Improvers

Afton Chemical manufactures a range of monoacid lubricity improvers for ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) that are used to meet fuel specification ASTM D975.

Document: Monoacid Lubricity Improver Technical Brochure

Metalworking Fluid Additives

Afton Chemical's metalworking fluid additives include a broad range of products that help formulators optimize performance, such as corrosion inhibitors (boron and boron-free), emulsifying additives, lubricity additives, metal passivators, extreme pressure additives, fatty acids, rust protection, and additive packages.

Article: Polartech EA 700

Off-Road Driveline Additives

Afton Chemical's off-road driveline additives can be used in fluids for a variety of heavy machinery, including agricultural, construction, mining, and forestry equipment.

Twinkling Star Antimony Flame Retardants

Twinkling Star Antimony Trioxide (ATO) is a white, solid powder that is used as a fire retardant in conjunction with a halogen-based chemical to reduce a product’s flammability. It functions as a synergist thereby reducing the amount of halogen-based product required to achieve desired levels of flammability.

In rigid and plasticized PVC compounds, the addition of ATO will offer excellent flame retardant properties. In other resins that do not contain a halogen, a suitable chlorinated or brominated compound must be added to obtain the required flame retardant properties. It is most suitable for applications where high tint strength is acceptable.

Twinkling Star Properties Limit
Appearance White crystalline powder
Sb2O3 99.5% Min
PbO 0.10% Max
Fe2O3 0.006% Max
As2O3 0.06% Max
CuO 0.002% Max
325 mesh sieve residue 0.05% Max
Particle size 0.90 - 1.60 µm
Whiteness 93.0% Min
Specific gravity at 20°C 5.20 typical

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