Klensoft™ Surfactants

This mild, water-based cleansing agent is an amphoteric surfactant formulated with other ingredients to enhance the removal of waterproof make-up without the irritating excessive defatting characteristics of other commonly used agents.

Klucel™ Hydroxypropylcellulose

Klucel™ Hydrooxypropylcellulose CS Grade is a nonionic, water-soluble cellulose ether with a versatile combination of properties in personal care applications. It combines solubility in aqueous and polar organic solvents, thermoplasticity, and surface activity with the thickening and stabilizing properties of other water-soluble cellulose polymers.

Liquid Germall™ Preservatives

A patented combination of Germall® II and IPBC pre-dissolved in Propylene Gylcol for ease of use, it exhibits a synergistic preservative effect providing complete, broad-spectrum preservation against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold.

Lubrajel™ Hydrogels

These hydrogels offer wide ranges of enhancing technologies to make products feel more elegant, deliver a multitude of functions and aid ease of formulation. As a rheology modifier, they come in several versions with varying viscosities, from the highly viscous Lubrajel DV hydrogel used in emulsion stabilization and suspension of compatible materials such as titanium dioxide to Lubrajel Oil hydrogel, an oil-like, low viscosity gel. They are also effective at stabilizing emulsions in various personal care applications.

Lubrasil™ Microemulsions

These microemulsions are clathrates of glyceryl acrylate and polyacrylic acid that enclose water molecules. Consisting of a solvent, humectants and a polymer as a thickening agent, these hydrogels deliver moisturizing benefits and unique sensory attributes including enhanced lubricity.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is used a tableting lubricant for vitamins and medicinal pills. For personal care items, it can also provide pearlescence. Also, certain grades can be used for ABS and SAN lubricants and release agents.

Microthene G Ground EVA

These ground and irregularly-shape dethylene vinyl acetate copolymer-based polyolefin powders have particle sizes between 300 - 500 microns.

Natrosol™ Cellulose Ethers

This nonionic, water-soluble polymer is used to create products that are rich and thick from the container, but spread easily on hair and skin. Natrosol HEC is easily dissolved in cold or hot water to give crystal clear solutions of varying viscosities. Low to medium molecular weight (MW) types are fully soluble in glycerol and have good solubility in hydro-alcoholic systems containing up to 60 percent ethanol.

Neobee Caprylic Triglyceride

These medium chain triglycerides are derived from coconut or palm oil. They have superior functionality with no odor or flavor. In nutritional applications, they are a fast source of energy and healthy fat. In pharmaceutical application, they are excellent solvents for oil dispersible materials allowing for a non-greasy skin feel.

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